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Poem: Listen

A poem called Listen, which translates to Luister in Dutch.It encapsulates the key message of the poem, which emphasizes the importance of listening to others and avoiding assumptions and misunderstandings. The act of listening is essential in communication, as it allows us to understand others' perspectives, clarify our own views, and avoid jumping to conclusions based on incomplete information. By listening actively and empathetically, we can create a deeper understanding and connection with others.

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Poem: Silence

A poem called Silence, the Dutch title is Stilte. It is about the importance of taking time to reflect and find inner peace in the midst of our busy lives. It emphasizes the value of silence and stillness, which can allow us to grow and flourish emotionally and spiritually.

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Poem: Childhood

A poem called Childhood, the Dutch title is Vrij, which translates to Free. That could convey a sense of the freedom and openness that children experience during their childhood where they are free to play, explore, and learn. It also touches on the idea that children feel most at home and at ease in their own space and environment, where they can be themselves and express their innermost feelings freely.

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Explore Woodsy Forest: Translated for English Readers

Embrace the changing seasons with adventurous bunny Fuzz and his grandpa Grampsie Whiskers. The first two picture books from the Fuzz series have been translated into English. 'Autumn's here!' and 'Spring's here!' are available in a beautiful paperback and a convenient Kindle version.

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