Martijn A.T. Peskens (1989) is a writer and illustrator.

'Since I was able to hold a pencil, I would spend hours drawing at my pine desk as a child. Pencils, markers, paint, ink, chalk... I used everything. My love for pencil and paper was instilled in me by my father. My parents still have pencil/charcoal drawings made by my father of characters such as Caesar, Marcus Antonius, and the priest-king Mohenjodaro hanging on their walls. When I saw such poignant drawings as a young boy, my hands began to itch.'



'Together with my wife Evelien and our four kids Malou (2007), Max (2017) and our twin girls Anna & Esmee (2020), I have been living in Hollandscheveld (Drenthe) since September 2018.

It's a small village located in a green area, surrounded by impressive forests and heaths.

This is where I find my peace and inspiration, which I use in my illustrations where animals and nature often play a big role.'

In 2017, his first picture book, Het is herfst! (Autumn's here), from the Fuzz series, was released. Het is herfst! was also made available in Dutch libraries. The following year, his second picture book, Het is lente! (Spring's here!) was published. In the middle of 2019, Het is zomer! (Summer's here!) was released, and the final book in the Fuzz series, Het is winter! (Winter's here!) came out in 2020, completing all four seasons. In 2021, Martijn introduced a new character, The Letter Monster. This book was published in September of that year and also made available in Dutch libraries. The illustrations in this picture book are in a different style than the Fuzz series.