Autumn's here!

Introducing Fuzz, the lovable and adventurous bunny in his debut picture book!

Text and illustrations by M.A.T. Peskens.


ISBN 978-90-826781-0-9

Original title: Het is herfst!


'It's autumn in the Woodsy Forest.
Fuzz and Grampsie Whiskers are flying their kites together.
But then there's a big gust of wind...
Suddenly Fuzz is floating in the clouds!
How will he get back to Grandpa?'
Experience the thrilling adventure in the first picture book featuring Fuzz!
A must-have for your bookshelf.

The Dutch version; Fuzz - 'Het is herfst!' is also available at libraries throughout the Netherlands.

Happy Reading!!


This title is now available in a beautiful paperback and convenient Kindle version.


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