Celebrating International Pencil Day: An Ode to the Creative Power of Drawing

Today is International Pencil Day. Pencils come in different colors and sizes, but one thing is for sure; they are indispensable.

'Red Fox' a pencil drawing from my childhood. 

When I think of pencils, I think of my father and his beautiful pencil drawings. He can create the most impressive portraits of historical figures such as Caesar, Marcus Antonius, and the priest-king Mohenjodaro. When I was a young boy and saw such powerful drawings, my child's hands began to itch to get started myself.


And so began my love for drawing. A pencil offers so many possibilities to express our creativity and imagination. Holding a pencil and creating something new feels magical and inspiring. On International Pencil Day, I not only want to celebrate this wonderful writing instrument, but also the people who have inspired us to draw and develop our creativity.


Think of the teachers who encouraged us to keep drawing and children who showed us how simple and pure drawing can be. For me, that was my father.


Let's continue to draw, write, and color with one of my favorites: the pencil. Who knows, maybe we will inspire someone else to express their creativity in turn.