In exciting and colorful picture books!

The beginning


The little bunny was born in 1997, when young Martijn drew a few pencil lines on paper. Fuzz's appearance has changed somewhat after 20 years.

Old Fuzz

From sketch to illustration


In September 2017, the first picture book featuring Fuzz was released, titled 'Autumn's here!!' Followed by 'Spring's here!!' in 2018, 'Summer's here!' in 2019, and the winter edition: 'Winter's here!' in 2020.

Old Fuzz

Reading and Learning


Besides being colorful and exciting, the books are also educational. By printing some words in a specific color, children can learn to recognize colors in a fun way.

Below are images of the Dutch hardcover editions.

In the Woodsy Forest, there lives a little bunny. He is curious and playful. His name is Fuzz! Together with his grandpa Grampsie Whiskers, he experiences all kinds of exciting adventures.

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