Dutch blood bank Sanquin  started implementing Lean management in 2017 with the aim of optimizing and streamlining their processes. By doing so, employees are able to perform their work more efficiently and with less pressure, creating more opportunities for collaboration and further improvements and innovations.

The focus of process improvement is on identifying and eliminating waste, using the TIMWOODS acronym as a memory aid:

  • Transport 
  • Inventory 
  • Movement (Motion)
  • Waiting (Wachten)
  • Over processing (Overbewerking)
  • Over production (Overproductie)
  • Defects
  • Skills

Commissioned by Sanquin, eight illustrations were created that relate to the aforementioned points.

These illustrations were ultimately combined into a large poster that was distributed to all Sanquin work locations throughout the Netherlands.

A series of illustrations for an educational poster about 8 types of wastes of LEAN.

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