Winter's here! [2020]

Boek Het is winter!

Dutch hardcover of Winter's here!

The fourth picture book in the Fuzz series.

Text and illustrations by M.A.T. Peskens.


ISBN 978-90-826781-3-0

Original title: Het is winter!


A new season. A new book, and thus a new adventure! "Winter's here!' is the fourth title in the Fuzz series.

"It's winter in the Woodsy Forest.

Fuzz and Grampsie Whiskers go sledding together.

They slide down a big hill,


Fuzz meets a fluffy friend who has lost his nuts.

The bunnies help look for them."

Experience another thrilling adventure in the fourth picture book with Fuzz!

A must-have for your bookshelf.

Happy Reading!


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